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Online Marketing Pricing for Law Firms

Obviously where you place your online marketing dollars is a big decision. We want to help you make an informed decision much easier so below are a few things we do differently.

  •  Market Exclusivity: We only work with one law firm, per law niche, per market, period. This is huge! Why would any lawyer marketing agency put you in an arena and have you fight with other paying customers from the same marketing firm? How do they choose who wins? It’s usually by dollars and it’s not a fair fight. We only partner with one firm and we fight to dominate.
  •  Transparency:  All of our fees are front and center, no hidden markups on Google or astronomical “hosting” fees that include some ambiguous add ons that you will never use. We also don’t charge you monthly for one-time projects.  Out of all the competing lawyer marketing firms you can FIND on the internet, almost ALL of them charge you monthly fees for things they simply set up once and then “monitor”.
  • No Long-Term Contract: 90 days in the beginning, then our agreement is month to month. Our average customer retention is 39 months, (that’s growing every month, because our clients have no intention of canceling).
  • You Own It:  If we build your website, it’s yours, the URL is yours even the tracking numbers are yours. We don’t hold you hostage.
  • Done For You: We’ll handle it… everything. From the transferring of your website over from your former marketing agency, to writing press releases, to updating your staff bios, sending out emails for reviews, to responding to reviews, we will do it for you (with your approval of course).
  • Dedicated Account Representatives: Their entire job is to take care of you and make sure you are getting fantastic results. They will go over your reports with you and cater to your every need.
  • Results: The online world is changing…fast.  More than ever, we must improvise, adapt, adjust and overcome! Online Marketing for Lawyers is a muddy mountain, two steps forward and sometimes one step back. But we always keep climbing. We guarantee you verifiable improvement each month. 

B & C

$597 Set Up ($97 Set up savings)
$2970 Per Mo. (Save 15%)

B & D

$597 Set Up ($97 Set up savings)
$3140 Per Mo. (Save 15%)

B C & D

$697 Set Up ($194 Set up savings)
$3562 Per Mo. (Save 15%)

A B C & D

$997 Set Up ($591 Set up savings)
$3352 Per Mo. (Save 20%)
Plus Ad Spend & Management Fee

Add newsletter to any multiple package for only $250 a month
*All packages are 6 month minimum, 30 day cancellation notice

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