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Prosperous I.M. Inc. was founded in June of 2011 by Eddie Hill. We are a full service digital marketing agency and certified Google Partner. Our philosophy is simple, deliver results for the client.

What We Offer

Domain Registration

The first step of web development or design is to register for your domain name – we can help with that. We will keep you on track with your domain registration and make sure you follow all the do’s, while steering away from the dont’s of domain name registration.

Custom Content

Totally customized content for your website including copy, contact forms, and more. Our team has the know how to make sure your site is exactly what you’re looking for.

3rd Party Data Integration

Sometimes, there is an extra puzzle piece out there, like a plugin or an integration, that is needed to make your website run smoother and simpler. Our team is fully knowledgeable of what puzzle piece may be needed to make your website complete.

Web Development

A custom web tool can be created for scheduling services, appointments, or calculating. For example, if you’re a Mortgage Lender, you can have a mortgage calculator on your website with custom web tool development. Our team of developers can create a similar tool for your website!

Custom Web & App Design

Your website is easily the first time people come in contact with your brand – you want it to be memorable. With our custom website layout design, your website can be exactly what you want it to be and just what a prospect needs to be wooed into client-hood.


We offer secure and safe email and website hosting to ensure that you know right where that “somewhere” is – with Lawyer Ad Agency of Prosperous IM. We have different sized servers to fit the smallest and largest of your storage needs.

We Design, Build, and Optimize websites.

Whatever stage you’re at in your project, we can help.

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